Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Red Ceiling

Its is a very tricky aspect of this sort of project, choosing what to leave as it has been found, what to update, and where it is necessary to in fact peel back a layer.  With the acoustic ceiling tile in the entry way and hall, we finally decided to make the move we'd been wanting to make for ages, and take a crow bar to it.  We had heard from Eurithe that behind the tiles was the original red ceiling that had been claimed from a CN boxcar back in the 60s.  Sure enough, there it was, still the vibrant CN red it always was.  For the historically inclined out there, we suspect that this is CN Red #11, the colour CN painted their box cars up until 1968. 

From Purdy's Naked with Summer in your Mouth:

Riding the mountain ridges
where the avalanche waits in winter
to spill its full moon torrents
onto the trembling ski trails - 

But summer
perched atop the boxcars
hugging myself in morning cold
then drinking the sun's white whiskey
and beginning to realize
there is no past and no future
you're born at this precise moment
in the high mountains
the roots have climbed your summit


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