Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Barn Board!

We looked all over to find new old barn board to replace the pieces that had rotted away over the years.  Despite several visits to lumber yards, and old barns for that matter, we couldn't find anything suitable.  We considered it essential that the 'kerf' marks on the boards be from a circular saw, not a band saw, which meant the boards had to be of a certain vintage. 
Turned out, Matti found some inside of the walls of his house in Picton!  He happily donated these to the cause, and as you can see the result is very compelling.  The first two shots are from before the battens were installed; the third is the (almost) finished product.  The second shot highlights why it was so important to find boards with circular kerfs. 

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  1. Hey thanks Duncan. Learned a new (and very useful) word - kerfs. Great to see all the improvements recounted in your blog. Thanks!